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lab slobber

5 Natural, Easy Techniques to Prevent and Cure Bad Breath in Dogs

Bad breath in dogs is the worst. Kisses from the puppy are great, but that puppy breath? Not so much. It’s even worse when your dog has a bad habit of eating cat-box-treasures or his own poop, or when he drinks from the toilet. No thanks, dog, I’ll keep those poopy germs off my lips, thank you. I still love you, though, just not your...

Courthouse Dogs

Dogs Comfort Witnesses in Court

Seattle residents may not look forward to testifying in court but now they can rest a little easier about the experience. A foundation called Courthouse Dogs in Seattle is now training service dogs to help comfort witnesses as they testify in court. testifying is often an emotional experience where victim must relive traumatic events in front of strangers while under oath. many lawyers often employ...

Khalessi the Pit Bull

Khalessi the Abused Pit Bull Wins Internet’s Heart

  Khalessi the Pit Bull is the newest Internet star after her new mom started a macbook page for this sweet pup. Stephanie Paquin went to the shelter to look at another rescued Pittie up for adoption when the shelter’s vet introduced her to Khalessi. This loving dog has endured so much in her short two years of life. Dumped on a local senior citizen’s...

National Dog Day Celebration

It’s National Dog Day!

Today is one of the best days of the year- the day we celebrate dogs. they enrich our lives, give us love, make us laugh and smile, and are often the best part of our day. They make life worth living for many pet parents. This National Dog Day, why not show off your dog’s best selfie on social media, bake up a special doggie...

Photo Shoot

Couple Does Adorable “Newborn” Photos with Puppy

If you’ve ever been nagged by eager parents, friends, and grandparents about when you’re going to have kids, you’ll get a kick out of this adorable couple. Tired of being asked if they were EVER going to have kids, Mat and Abby enlisted the help of photographer Elisha Minnette to create a newborn photo shoot- with their puppy, Humphrey.   Prepare for some major “awwww” moments....

Senior dog

[PHOTOS] Adorable Senior Dogs- Then & Now

Photographer Amanda Jones has published an amazingly adorable project that features senior dogs alongside photos of their younger selves. Take a look!     Thanks to 9Gag for these adorable photos! Which one is your favorite?

Puppy Spa

[VIDEO] Puppy Loves His Bath

Does your dog like to get a bath? Mine doesn’t she screams the Husky anthem of “I love you” until someone gets in the tub with her. But this little rescued baby loves his bath! Watch his zone out and enjoy his spa treatment.

Pugs Videos

[VIDEO] The Running of the Pugs

When pugs are set loose on a miniature city mimicking the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, the result is adorable. You’ll be cheering for the pups as they try to escape the city streets and plow over barriers.