Freeze Dried Dog Food – Why It’s Better For Your Dog Than Kibble


Your dog wants to eat real meat. And not just any ole’ meat, either. Your dog craves the super delicious nutrition only a mix of vital organs, bloody and bones can deliver. TruDog’s Feed Me superfood is what mother nature intended for her four-legged fur babies to eat! Made in the USA, from farm to table in less than 72 hours, we’ve made it easy for smarter dog lovers like you to give your dog the power of raw without the thaw.

We are a nation of dog lovers, so it’s only natural that we want our four-legged friends to adore their diet as much as we cherish them.

The fluffy bundle of love that wags their tail and licks your face in uncontrollable excitement when you return home from work may be several domesticated steps removed from his or her wolfen ancestry, but some things never change, including doggy taste buds. The palates of our canine companions crave the nutritional value and mouth-watering flavor of genuine meat.

freeze dried raw dog food

What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried dog food is typically farm-fresh meat, game or poultry with all water removed from the source without sacrificing any vitamins and minerals, ensuring that your hungry hound is treated to a lip-smacking meal of the purest protein.

An increasing number of puppy parents are keen on the idea of raw feeding their canine companions, but struggle to find the time to cook up another meal when serving up a family dinner, especially as it can be a messy process. With a bag of freeze dried dog food, all you’ll need to do is open the air-tight container, add a little water for rehydration, and you’re away – Fido will be eating like a King in no time at all!

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So, How Does Freeze Drying Work?

More advanced than a simple act of dehydration, the process of Freeze-Drying dog food is somewhat elaborate and requires the use of specialist technology. The meat in question, usually taken straight from the source, is placed inside a freeze drying machine.

This dryer will drop the temperature of the food until frozen, then apply a small amount of heat while concurrently extracting moisture from the meat – the time-consuming part of the process, that may take several days. Once complete, the newly freeze dried food is sealed in airtight packaging that prevents spoilage, and voila – tails are wagging in no time at all!

Why Freeze Dried Dog Food is Better For Your Dog

Kibble and canned dog food is usually perfectly tasty and nutritional, but some mass-produced processed meals include additives must be included in the process to meet stock targets.

Freeze-dried foods are completely organic and ensure that you are fully aware of what they contain, ensuring that your precious pooch is eating exactly what nature intended without the inconvenience of needing to leave their warm and loving home to go hunting.

Freeze dried feeding also provides a whole host of other benefits. The nutritional value of such a meal will do wonders for the coat of your fuzzy friend, keeping their coats glossy and rich and free of allergies and itchiness.

The munching required for such a dish also helps freshen breath, whiten teeth and keep gums healthy, ensuring that Rover can continue flashing that charming smile while chasing his favorite ball. Freeze dried food will also help your beloved beast retain their ideal weight, reducing the risk of health problems later in life, and even aid the doggy digestive process, resulting in cleaner, smaller and solid stools.

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Planning a Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Diet

Freeze dried dog food isn’t typically available on the shelves of a supermarket, and even some specialist pet stores may not stock such produce. As a result, switching your furriest family member to a freeze dried diet will require some advance planning.

Firstly, bear in mind that any doggy diet change should be introduced gradually, sometimes over the course of seven days – serving kibble on Monday and a freeze dried raw meal on Tuesday might play havoc with poor Spot’s digestive tract, especially if your dog is a little older and set in their ways. Start introducing the new food gradually, phasing out the existing food at a slow and steady rate. Raw bones can also be introduced as a treat, but that word cannot be stressed enough – they must be raw!

Handing your hound a cooked bone can be very dangerous, as these varieties can be too soft to cope with the exciting crunching of canine jaws, causing splinters. Finally, when introducing freeze dried feeding to a dog for the first time, stick with a flavor that Fido will find familiar; if you’ve been serving up chicken for the past three years, kick off your freeze dried adventure with poultry too.

Additions to a Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Diet

One of the biggest advantages of purchasing freeze dried dog food is that it has been prepared by experts, ensuring that your four-legged friend will receive the essential nutrients that they need, with none of the bad stuff, in one delicious bowl. However, if you are adamant that you’d like to apply additional vitamins to your doggy dinner, you can try fish oils, flaxseed oils, kelp, or extra virgin coconut oil.

Best Types of Freeze Dried Dog Food

Just like any form of food, freeze dried meals will list their contents and nutritional value, in addition to confirming which stage of your dog’s life cycle each meal is tailored toward. Pay close attention to this when selecting your food, as differing age groups have varying nutritional needs.

TruDog FEED ME should be your Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food choice for the following reasons:

• Freeze-dried dog food is a mix of raw vital organs, muscle meat, blood & bone
• 100% Farm raised, USA sourced Wisconsin
• No fillers, veggies or artificial preservatives
• Absolutely NO rendered or meal products


• Keeps your dog at the ideal weight
• Increased energy and vitality
• Reduces allergies and itchy skin
• Reduces shedding, resulting in a softer, shiner coat


Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (natural source of vitamin D), mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant), d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E)


Ground turkey with bone, heart, turkey, liver, herring oil, mixed tocopherols, d-alpha, tocopherol, herring oil

10oz. – $29.95
14oz. – $36.95