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It's True According to Veterinary Pet Insurance:

The #1 Reason Dogs Visited The Vet Is... "Ear Infections"

We all know the pain and discomfort that an ear infection can cause, but what if we were unable to speak and share our discomfort? Would we just act more "difficult"... What if it
wasn't really a bad infection and only ached?

Ear Infections Make Your Dog Miserable!

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), in 2011 policyholders spent over $46 million treating the 10 most common conditions in dogs and cats. At the top of the list of doggy disorders... Ear infections.  🙁

And Get This...


VPI received over 60,000 claims in 2011 for canine ear infections, with the average claim being $98!

The sad part is, there is little education on how easy it is to keep our best friends happy and healthy. At a fraction of that cost of a vet, you can keep their ears clean and free of harmful bacteria. Imagine how much happier your friend will be with your help for only 15 seconds a day less than $10 per month!

FACT:Wax or other debris left in your dog's ear canal is the foundation for infection.

How Ear Infections & Pain Begin…

Your dog’s ear canal is actually shaped like an L, vertical towards their jaw and then a 45% turn horizontally toward their eardrum. This makes dogs more predisposed to a variety of ear ailments like parasites and yeast infections.

Because your dog's inner ears are twisty and curvy, it's easy for parasites, bacteria and yeast to hide and thrive in them.

Does Every Dog Parent Have To Worry About Ear Infections?

While some dogs are much more prone to ear infections that others, every dog parent needs to practice safe health at home, before the vet, whenever possible. If your dog has a tendency to scoot their face on the floor, scratch at those ears, or have known ear problems, you should check or use drops daily or every other day at a minimum.

You can spot the symptoms of an ear infection in your own pet: Look for a lot of scratching at the ears, shaking of the head or a visible discharge from the ears.

Ear infections smell yucky: By the time your friends ears smell, their infection is probably in full force. Bacteria or yeast trapped in the ear canals the ear infection evolves from inflammation to infection, and an odor can develop (not always, do not use the sniff test as a replacement for solid veterinary advice)

For those pet owners with the following dog breeds, pay close attention to your pet's warning signs. A pet's ear infection can be very uncomfortable for a dog or cat, and is best treated by a local veterinarian.

The Top 10 Breeds Most Likely To Develop Ear Infections

Even if your pup is not on this list, we encourage you to practice inexpensive, at home care. Ear infections are the second most common condition affecting dogs and cats. Dogs are more likely to develop ear infections than cats, and certain breeds have a higher risk for ear infections than others, we have provided this list below for your convenience.

  • Labrador Retriever
  • Shih Tzu
  • Standard Poodle
  • Boxer
  • Maltese
  • German Shepherd
  • Pit Bull
  • Dachshund
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Mixed Breed

When Do You Clean Their Ears?

If there's lots of wax accumulating every day, they need to be cleaned every day. If your dog's ears don't produce much wax or collect much crud, you can be less vigilant and clean them less often. Either way, TruPet’s all natural 'Clear Me’ is a top choice for veterinarians like Dr. Jan Hale…

"Vet Approved For Daily Use"

"Debris in the canal must work its way up to escape. TruPet’s 'Clear Me' ear cleansing solution is veterinary formulated to deodorize and gently clean, dry and acidify the ear canal while removing debris that can lead to ear infections and other ailments yet is safe enough for daily use!"
- Dr. Jan Hale DVM

YES! I Want To Help My Best Friend >>(Backed By A 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee)
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Truman's Legacy Lives On...

"I started TruPet after the sudden death of my dog Truman, my best friend. I began with raw food after researching that many ingredients in most dog foods today are unhealthy and down right toxic. Through my journey starting TruPet I've partnered with well known holistic vets to produce all natural and effective solutions to many of the problems our four legged, furry family members run into. I am so confident that you'll love our products that I back them with a 100%, no questions asked 60 day guarantee. If you're not 100% satisfied, we'll refund your last order! 

My Simple Request For New TruPet Customers:

We believe in science and story. Please give products a chance to work, then share your story for those less likely to "stick with  it".

-Lori R. Taylor (Founder/CEO)

100% All Natural Ingredients...

  • Prevents Infections!

    By removing ear canal wax and buildup ‘Clear Me’ makes it difficult for bacterial or fungal infections to occur without any burning. Also very effective in cleaning the external ear canal.

  • Reduces Ear Odors!

    ‘Clear Me’ is pleasantly scented with natural ingredients and works great when it comes to effectively reducing ear odors. A perfect solution to maintain your pet’s ear health and cleanliness.

  • Gentle & Affordable!

    Other ear cleaners charge up to TWICE as much for “chemicals”. Veterinary formulated ‘Clear Me’ contains Aloe Vera to soothe and calm so you can use on daily basis without breaking the bank.

How Do I Use 'Clear Me'?

Clear Me is very simple to use.
1. Simply grab firmly on your dogs ear flap and fill the entire ear canal with cleanser.
2. Have a cotton ball ready to removed excess liquids.
3. Massage the ear canal at the base of your dogs ear. (this is the part they will LOVE and why they will let you do this day after day)

Now let "Clear Me" take care of the rest
Just wait a few seconds as it breaks down wax and build up while dislodging debris. Simply wipe your pets ear until the cotton ball is clean and that's it!

Best of all, you can use Clear Me DAILY if necessary because we've made sure it's gentle AND non-toxic!

Veterinarian Approved

With TruPet 'Clear Me' you can be assured knowing that this is a Veterinarian Approved product.

This easy to use formula uses ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and is safe to use on BOTH cats and dogs!

All Natural Ingredients

'Clear Me' is formulated with all natural, holistic ingredients including: Aloe Vera which helps soothe and calm to help relieve any burning.

Aloe Vera not only offers a gentle solution to your pets skin but you can be confident enough to use every day on your furry best friend.

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About TruPet®...

“I always thought my dog’s ears were clean but I decided to try your ear cleaner since it had a 60 day guarantee. I am so impressed yet disgusted by what it took out of his ears in just one use. To see all that brown gunk that he built up and to know I wasn’t doing anything about it was an eye opener. I signed up to have it delivered every month and have told all of my friends about it. It’s a great product and it smells soooooooo nice.- Holly C. Burbank, CA

“I absolutely love your ear cleaner! It smells so nice and I’m always amazed by what it helps to remove. Gus isn’t scratching his ears anymore and that makes me so happy.” - Dolores V.Key West, FL

“I asked my vet about your ear cleaner and even he was impressed and recommended I use it. He rarely tells me to use something I ask him about but he even said it’s safe to use daily if I need to without worrying about side effects. Well done!” – Jeff K. La Jolla, CA


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