You'd Do Anything For Your Fur Baby, Right?...

…What if I told you that you could help to improve their life for less than the cost of a latte!

It's no joke. It's not hype. It's TRUE! That’s right, as far as we know - only TruDog® can give you a bag of all natural freeze-dried raw meat for next to NOTHING. You're probably asking... why? Well our founder had one simple principle when she created TruDog®, to help every dog she could live a healthier, happier life and expose why even premium dog food isn't what you think it is! The only problem is she didn't want to waste money with big fancy ads that you don’t want to watch! To quote her that first day, “I’d rather go broke feeding dogs than the fat cats on Madison Avenue!” So that became our mission – to get as many bags of this truly amazing dog food into as many homes as possible – and the response has been unbelievable!

60 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied that we are going to offer a 60 day full money-back guarantee – just to try it! If for some reason you or your dog is not satisfied with our product, don’t hesitate to return to us for a FULL refund at any time. We’re serious, for a full 2 months, if you don’t see a happier, healthier dog simply contact us for a full, no questions asked refund.

Why Give Away 'Feed Me' For Next To Nothing?

"It’s my mission to make sure no one else has to suffer the painful loss of their dog to cancer, like I did when my precious dog Truman died. At the end of the day I’d rather spend my money by giving your dog free food, than waste it on expensive commercials no one ever watches, anyway. As a small, woman owned business I'd rather pass along the cost of advertising to like minded doggie parents and not the big wall street companies that care more about their bottom line than the health of our dogs!

I only ask this in return:

You don’t take a bag if you just like coupons and good deals with no intention of really giving it a fair chance. I only have so many bags I can give away at this price and I only want committed and caring doggie parents to try this food out.

If I can help just one dog live a healthier, happier, longer lifethen I will be one step closer to my mission of helping all dogs live the best life they can!"

-Lori R. Taylor (Founder/CEO)

"Because Mother Nature Said So..."

  • Real, Raw, Meat

    All dogs are descended from wolves, and wolves eat raw, real meat, real organs, and real bones to thrive. TruDog™ is formulated to align perfectly with most any raw or BARF diet! Use it as an addition to your current kibble or feed it on its own, either way you’re giving your furry friend the best nature can provide with minimal processing and additives.

  • Food You Can Trust

    Most commercial dog foods today claim to have quality protein but did you know there are virtually zero regulations to what “protein” can be? We don’t believe that “meal” is meat, that’s why we use 100% USDA meat grown and harvested right here in the USA!

  • TRUly The Best!

    In the past raw diets have been hard to feed. They either needed to be refrigerated, frozen and thawed or didn’t last more than a month. With TruDog you can feed a real raw diet conveniently, just like kibble! We also freeze dry our food and nitrogen fill the bag giving you longer shelf life and better quality food!

What Our Raw Food Can Do For You!

Imagine having an easy to serve dog food for your best furry friend that gave them a healthier digestive system, better weight control, thicker glossier coat, firmer muscles, healthier skin, stronger bones, cleaner teeth, healthier gums, increased vitality, better vision, and a longer, healthier life as well as positioned you as the best dog mommy in the world, giving you instant credibility from your dog’s point of view.
Feed me can serve as a healthy topper to the food you already serve or a complete meal all on its own. It's proven by science that your dog shares 99.9% of it's DNA with a Wolf. Wouldn't it make sense to feed their DNA what it craves?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Made in the USA from free-ranging, Wisconsin grass-fed USDA beef, meaty bones and whole organ meats, our quality is unparalleled. You will never find any grains, fillers, preservatives, or coloring in any of our products. Our super food ingredients include: Beef, beef tripe, beef lung, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef heart, beef kidney, beef blood, beef fat, herring oil (natural source of vitamin D), mixed tocopherols (natural antioxidant), d-alpha tocopherol (natural vitamin E).

We’re the easiest to use raw dog food in the world. Period. TruDog™ is freeze-dried, and needs no refrigeration. Simply store it in a cool, dry place. Before feeding, just add water. Precise feeding instructions are included with every pack. It’s super simple.

Freeze drying is a delicate process that preserves the structure and nutritional integrity of fresh whole food. Only water is removed, preserving the characteristics and natural nutrition of fresh real food. Dehydrated foods i.e. chicken jerky, involves extreme heat at high temperatures which destroy the fragile nutrients and results in a finished product that looks like leather.

Crude Protein, min………..41.00%
Crude Fat, min…………….28.00%
Crude Fiber, max………….4.00%
Moisture, max……………..5.00%

Why TruDog Is Different

Toss out your old dog food and treats! You can never know what’s REALLY in the dog food you already have, but did you know it’s comparable to eating fast food every day – and we know how unhealthy that can be, right? And that’s why TruDog® keeps our ingredients simple and healthy.

Why No Fruits or Veggies?

You may be asking yourself, why no veggies or fruits? Trudog's Feed Me was formulated to fit into most any raw diet out there, BARF, Alpha Prey, and many more. While we feel it's a better way to feed your dog we understand that over the last hundred years or so, dogs have adapted to process veggies and fruits (Although not that well). You see, your dog shares the same digestive system a wolf in the wild has which is why raw meat and vital organs provide your best friend with everything they really need.

That said, you can add fresh wholesome fruits and veggies to our food without a problem. Not only will it help to extend the amount of time a bag will last you're also ensuring that your dog is getting 100% human grade veggies and fruits. Most pet food manufacturers today use veggie and fruit fillers that would not be able to be sold in a supermarket as they're not fit for human consumption. Why pay them to fill your dog food bag with expensive and sub-par veggies? Do yourself a favor, try a bag of Feed Me and mix in your own at home. If you don't see a better, happier dog just take us up on our 60 day unconditional money back guaranty! You've got nothing to lose.

Transition Guideline:

As you begin feeding a new dog food, like TruDog, to your pet we suggest introducing the food product using the following steps:

  1. Begin with 25% New Food and 75% Old Food for a few days of feedings
  2. Move up to 50% New Food and 50% Old Food for a few days of feedings
  3. Continue change to 75% New Food and 25% Old Food for a few days of feedings
  4. Complete the transition to 100% New Food

Check Out What Other People Are Saying About TruDog™...

Jan E Hale, DVM

“TruDog™ is a suite of dog food, treats and toppers that truly are the best for your dog because they have everything from essential enzymes to keep their cells healthy and digestive system functioning properly to high-quality meat-based proteins that keep your dog strong and lean. TruDog™ also boasts essential amino acids that help improve joint function, brain function and overall well being. These amino and essential fatty acids are the building blocks of your dog’s cells. All of this makes TruDog™ a “Super Food” indeed!”

Jan E Hale, DVM , Florida

Wow! TruDog nailed the flavor and nutrition for my sweet little Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Charlie Challis the Third!!! I usually make real chicken and rice and thought “CC the 3rd” would turn up his nose and ignore it. But, oh contrare! He downed it, smiled (I swear he did! lol) and gave me a “5 Wags of the Tail” rating. Now it’s been a month and he looks glossy, has great energy and he looks at me adoringly when I am filling his bowl. Thanks, TruDog! -Valli H. California

As a veterinarian I find the best products for my patients, Trudog is one of them that I support for all size of animals. Natural products are the foundation of healthy pet. I highly recommend Trudog for your pets natural needs. -Scott S. Ohio

There is NOTHING better than knowing you are doing all you can to help a member of your FAMILY (one that loves you unconditionally I might add). Feeding them wholesome real food and not some fake shit is one of the best ways to do that. Thanks TruDog for being the real deal! ♥ -Tammy S. Florida

60 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure that you will be 100% satisfied that we are going to offer a 60 day full money-back guarantee – just to try it! If for some reason you or your dog is not satisfied with our product, don’t hesitate to return to us for a FULL refund at any time. We’re serious, for a full 2 months, if you don’t see a happier, healthier dog simply contact us for a full, no questions asked refund.

*when you purchase $39 or more at our store.

This offer is only valid in the United States. This is offer is limited to one item per shipping address. For more questions please contact our support team at