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Courtesy Postal Museum

Meet Owney: Traveling Mail Dog

Have you ever heard of Owney the dog? If you love adventure and travel, Owney just might be your new hero. Owney lived in the Post Office of Albany, New York in 1888 and when his owner left the post office, Owney stayed around. It’s reported that he loved mail bags. He’d follow them around inside the Post Office, on mail wagons, and even on...

doggie nose

[PHOTOS] Adorable Dog Noses to Make You Smile

One photographer decided to do an entire photoshoot featuring his Golden Retriever’s nose, because, well dog noses are positively adorable! Take a look: Which one is your favorite? Would you do a photoshoot of your dog’s nose? What’s your favorite doggie feature: paws, tails, noses, puppy dog eyes?      

Source: WECT

Dog Credited with Rescue of Abducted Girl Found Tied to a Tree

The story of an abducted six year old girl in North Carolina found tied to a tree shocked the nation this week. Her rescue is now being credited, in part,  to a K-9 rescue dog named Bane. Bane is three years old and is a search and rescue service K-9 trained to find missing persons. He was brought into the case to help locate the...

Walia and Lucy

Woman Turns Down Marriage Proposal Over Dog

If someone told you they wanted to marry you, but the dog had to go, what would you say? For Karishma Walia it was an easy choice. Walia lives in New Dehli and had taken part in an arranged marriage to a handsome, wealthy man her parents adored. But there was one major snag, he didn’t like dogs. He made it clear there would be...

wedding dog

Dying Dog Carried Down the Aisle at Wedding

On September 1, Charlie Bear got to watch his human experience one of the happiest days of her life- her wedding. Charlie was getting a new, bigger family, including a new furry brother. But everything wasn’t going quite as planned. Charlie, a 15 year old chocolate lab, was adopted by Kelly O’Connell of Denver, Colorado in 2002. In April, 2016 Charlie was diagnosed with a...

BOOST ME review

Watch This BOOST ME Review- From the Dog

Have you ever wondered what your dog really thinks about what’s in her food bowl? Check out what Gibby Lou had to say about her breakfast when her dog mom, Jen, tried to give her a bowl sans-BOOST ME. This fluffy baby sure knows what she likes. BOOST ME is great for: picky eaters underweight dogs sick dogs dogs who eat dirt dogs who eat...

raw dog food

Why Should I Feed My Dog Raw Food?

One of the biggest controversies in pet care today is raw food, mostly because “we’ve done it this way for years” is the standard model of thought. Which leads to a lot of confusion and questioning… questions like…   Should I give my dog a raw dog food? Is a raw foods diet safe for dogs? What’s wrong with commercial pet food? What’s really best for...

listening dog

It’s a Fact! Your Dog Does Understand You!

It’s not big news to most dog people, but new research verifies your dog really does understand you when you talk to him or her! A recent Today Show post covered the topic, outlining how the research was performed. “We talk to dogs all the time but we know little about what they get from all this. If dog brains also process what we say,...

Beya in the pool while everyone plays around her. (Happy Trails Photo)

Humans Relate to Introverted Dogs

A video from Happy Tails Resort in Norfolk, Virginia, has got a lot of human companions of dogs thinking about just how much their dogs are like them. Beya’s the Socially Awkward, Non-Swimming Pooch   Meet Beya, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. She is just standing totally still in the swimming pool as all her dog friends swim and have fun around her. (Writer’s Note –...

happy dog TruDog

Happy National Dog Day 2016!

It’s National Dog Day today, time to celebrate! Have you ever stopped to think about all the ways your dog just makes your life better? I’ve had at least one dog in my life for as long as I can remember and I can’t picture my life now without all my fur babies. They make me smile during the darkest days and just make my...

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